Clark Townsend is on his way to the top. Not only is he one of the hottest young men in West Hollywood who just bought his very first condo, but he has successfully managed to turn his best friend and first client Eddy Malone – a talented, eccentric party girl – from a beautiful, unknown starlet into one of the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood.

Now, in celebration of a couple’s anniversary he set up years prior, Clark throws a dinner party at his new place, where he invites an assortment of friends and colleagues, including Eddy’s domineering yet renowned publicist TJ – a stout, ball-busting black lesbian who is quickly losing her patience with Eddy’s wild ways. Along with TJ comes longtime friend Pearce Wright – an awkward, spiritual, down-to-Earth life counselor, who is instantly smitten with Clark at first sight. Clark, however, is far too wrapped up in Eddy’s career and his own life to notice, especially when Eddy pulls an offbeat stunt at the dinner party that almost kills her career and forces TJ to drop her as a client indefinitely.

In an effort to win Clark over, Pearce makes a proposition to TJ, offering his services to Eddy in returns for TJ giving her a second chance. TJ reluctantly agrees, and Pearce rushes to tell Clark the good news. Clark is thrilled to oblige Eddy’s time in exchange for a second shot with TJ and, without Eddy’s consent, agrees to let Pearce takes them all on a weekend wilderness therapy retreat in hopes of having Eddy escape the stimulations of the city so she can gain a new, healthier perspective on her life and career. In an effort to provide additional support for Eddy, Clark invites their close mutual friends Cooper – a handsome, charming, successful businessman and his former lover – as well as Goldie, Clark’s wacky Asian tranny assistant. Cooper brings his friend Gage along as well, a sexy personal trainer and porn star whom he secretly has hopes of setting Clark up with.

That weekend, the group treks up to a cabin in the Angeles National Forest, where Pearce not only makes every effort to help Eddy seek a new outlook on life, but hopes to convince Clark of a new outlook as well—and one that involves a romance between the two of them. Not all goes according to plan, though, as Clark barely has time to even notice Pearce, finding himself far too busy battling Gage’s advances and trying to keep Eddy out of the liquor bottle. But as confident, courageous Cooper takes an interest in Pearce first and jumps on an opportunity to claim Pearce for himself, aloof Clark suddenly finds himself quite jealous, and he, too, finally begins to see Pearce in a whole new light.

And as Clark realizes he may have much deeper feelings for Pearce than he originally thought, he must figure out a way to open his heart up to the possibilities, and win back Pearce’s affections once and for all.

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