Hollywood Veteran Producer Mounts Louisiana Film Revolution; Three Feature Length Motion Pictures In An Amazing Year


Veteran Hollywood film producer Alicia Allain, who has more than 25 years of film and television industry experience, including 15 years in Los Angeles, has mounted a film revolution from her home state of Louisiana with three (3) full length motion pictures completed this year. The movies, all produced in Louisiana this year.

“If you don’t like blunt… stop reading. If you are shaken by direct… stop reading. Coming up through the ranks in my late teens and twenties working with the likes of Robert Evans at Paramount (I ran his company for a term) and Brandon Tartikoff (headed the advisory board on my first company Renegade Films in the nineties) you could say “I can’t help it. I ‘came up’ that way.” That’s also likely why I am attracted to these kinds of films. The kinds that make you think… squirm… want to wash your hands just a little after you finish reading/watching them. I am… I suppose… Old school. Very,” says Allain.

  1. HATE CRIME: Dramatic piece about a young man being executed for a hate crime. The boy’s parents struggle with the consequences of fear and repression.
  2. ANDERSON BENCH: Dark comedy about a career loser who is seduced into a night of dismemberment & murder. Ultimately he finds himself & falls in love with his partner in crime, Bethany Tender. Their night ends when one of them takes their life, resulting in a perfect day.
  3. LIKE SON: Psychological crime drama about a local sheriff who decides to right the wrongs prior to his demise. His son, the deputy, alerts the Attorney General, who turns a blind eye to the Sheriff.

Allain is former president of The Robert Evans Company. In this role, she oversaw the development and production of several independent films and worked on a broad range of projects. Projects which include collaboration with Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee onForeverman and a romantic comedy based on a popular novel by Darcy Cosper, Wedding Season.

“Prior to any tax credits, I have always enjoyed shooting in my home state, the rich environment lends itself to the independent world with the ability to call on favors which add value to the film. Shooting at John Schneider Studios lends itself as an incubator hub for indie filmmakers. This artistic environment is freeing and allows the filmmaker to take risk, which is very reminiscent of my mentor, Robert Evans’ films of the 1970’s,” says Allain.

To speak with Alicia Allain, please contact Aurora Derose, (310) 396-6090.

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