Hollywood, CA, September 20, 2017:    Nandar Pictures is excited to bring a mixed slate of independent films to the American Film Market this fall. “Our focus is on the small, independent filmmakers, exposing them to global acquisition opportunities,” the company said. “There are a lot of filmmakers who have quality titles but can’t get the attention of the major players in the market. Those are the titles we want. We represent our film catalog with a passion that small indie filmmakers don’t get in the marketplace. Our job is to find opportunities for smaller films to recoup their costs.”

The company, run by Nancy Criss and Sherri Carlson, produces its own original content. A sales and distribution leg of the company was birthed after finding that their quality family films were acquired but generated no profits to pay back investors. Tired of seeing that the revenues their films generated were allocated to high marketing costs and sales and distributor commissions, the two entrepreneurial women decided that they could get in the game and offer something better to small filmmakers. The two women explain, “We are straight forward and provide an opportunity for filmmakers to pay back investors and realize profits.”

Nandar Pictures decided to bring their carefully selected catalog to the American Film Market in Santa Monica this year. “We are excited and it’s a big step for us. Our team will be working hard to make it pay off for our company and the filmmakers we represent,” states Sherri Carlson, Sales and Acquisitions. Nancy Criss, President and award-winning filmmaker adds, “While we are at the market, we will also be looking for titles that we can fit into our business. We do a lot of streaming and DVD deals here in the US and filmmakers see returns because our business model keeps costs low.”

Nandar Pictures brings a mixed slate of titles to the market this year.

Take Two for Faith,” is a family drama about a country music star’s public stumble and her flight to seek refuge in her rural Texas hometown where she discovers she has feelings for her high school sweetheart and that homecomings can be bittersweet. Nancy Criss directed a cast including Janine Turner, Leigh Allyn Baker, Dance Mom’s Nia Soux and American Idol’s Janelle Arthur imdb.

Painted Horses” follows a young teacher who must win over an impossible collection of kids, while overcoming her own family troubles in a town in need of healing. Damian X. Fulton directed the cast who includes Madlyn Deutch, Linc Hand and country singer Deana Carter.

Creepy Chronicles” is a Nandar Pictures original series. A collection of creepy tales with a nostalgic feel from old horror movies that smash into modern day. “Pod Snatchers” is reminiscent of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” is the first episode in the series. Episodes directed by Nancy Criss, Josh Hodgins and Mandalynn Carlson.

Scapegoat” a chase thriller surrounding a group of young adults who wake in the woods and find themselves in a deadly situation that turns into a race to figure out who put them there and why…before it’s too late. Directed by Jeff Kapp the film was shot on location in Michigan.

“A Heart of a Champion” screenplay will be presented for presales. The award-winning script is a family adventure story about two girls and their rodeo horses who find themselves fighting to survive in the desolate Superstition Mountains.

Nandar Pictures will be located at the Loews Hotel, Suite 307B (3rd Floor) during the entire market from November 1 to November 8, 2017 to present these and other titles during AFM. They will also be acquiring titles for global distribution and are currently accepting meetings.


Nandar Pictures is an emerging company with relationships in motion picture production, new media production, television programming, international distribution and sales, and branded channel platforms. Nandar Pictures is a domestic and foreign sales agent and distributor with straight output deals in the majority of retail and streaming outlets, along with their own streaming platform, NandarTV.com.

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