Hollywood, CA, June 30, 2017:  Nandar Pictures has acquired the rights to psychological thriller “Inclusion Criteria” produced by JH Productions and Sunday Moving Picture Shows. Nandar Pictures released the trailer on June 30, 2017.

The twisty storyline written by Judy Norton (The Walton’s, Stargate SG1) follows TARA MALONE, played by Norton, experience delusions as she finds herself on the edge of mental illness. She doesn’t know if she’s going crazy or being manipulated. Finding blood on her clothing, furniture moved around and no explanations, she is frightened that she is following the same path of mental illness as her own mother.

Director Josh Hodgins captures the struggle and darkness of someone questioning their sanity and knowing things are just “not right.” Norton portrayal of a woman who experiences a ‘loss of reality’ is riveting. Lauri Hendler (Gimme A Break, Fern Gully) plays the role of Dr. Greta Brinkman, a psychiatrist who tries to help TARA sort out what’s happening to her.

Filmed in the state of Washington, the film will be released this fall.

Nandar Pictures will handle worldwide distribution.


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