Hollywood, CA, 6/27/2017:  Nandar Pictures announces plans to move into production on a new digital project that strings together their version of campy 50s-style horror stories for a new series called “Creepy Chronicles.” The chilling original stories mirror the mid-century post-war horror genre, taking cues from movies like “The Thing” and “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”

“I like to make movies that are family-friendly. Creepy Chronicles will be a fun series that the whole family can watch together. If you scream, it will certainly be followed by the laugh of relief. We are shooting it to have an almost “Twilight Zone” feel,” states award-winning director and producer Nancy Criss. Producer Sherri Carlson adds, “A lot of today’s horror movies hinge on their scare-factor and there are a lot of things jumping off the screen at viewers. Creepy Chronicles isn’t that kind of scary. It’s like, ‘Could this really happen?’ ”

Criss has put together a dynamic team to develop and produce this project, recruiting award-winning producer Josh Hodgins and cinematographer Chris Bond to join the team. Hodgins is penning many of the thought-provoking episodes. “We are looking for a little sci-fi, a little action-adventure and some scary movie elements so it’s really creepy,” says Josh. “It will be a blast to write, film and watch.”

“Creepy Chronicles” films in Arizona this fall. Nandar Pictures handles the worldwide distribution and will air the 30-minute format episodes on AmazonPrime and NandarTV, releasing full seasons as a boxed set of DVDs through major retailers like WalMart, Target and Best Buy.


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