Signs Multi-picture Licensing Deal


[s3video s3url=”THE LACKEY Official Trailer.mp4″ volume=”1″ autoplay=”yes” responsive=”on” /]Nandar.TV has acquired licensing rights to forty titles from Cinema Epoch’s film catalog. Cinema Epoch licensed titles to the start-up company, who will incorporate them into their new digital network, scheduled to launch in January 2017. has created a unified platform that will offer opportunities to view content as if  viewing Netflix, Hulu, OnDemand, major cable networks and network TV all in one account and for one fee. The design caters to the “cord cutters”  — those who replaced cable subscriptions with online streaming options.

Nearly 8.6M households have “cut the cord”, according to a March 2015 report by Experian Marketing Services, up one million from the previous year. Nandar.TV plans to capture a significant market share with their new digital streaming platform network. The service can be watched on a Smart TV, a television using Roku, Apple TV, Playstation, Xbox, Chromecast and can be accessed on a PC, Mac, tablets, Ipad or mobile devices.

Cinema Epoch is an independent film distribution and production company. Founded by Gregory Hatanaka, a distribution veteran and filmmaker, Cinema Epoch is a U.S. company which specializes in the release of foreign, independent and cult cinema. Their distribution slate includes internationally acclaimed arthouse films, contemporary American films and edgy cult and midnight works. Martial arts classic Master of the Flying Guillotine was its first release. The company’s DVD releases are distributed through E1 Entertainment.

Cinema Epoch will be at American Film Market 2016. is part of Nandar Group. LLC, which produces quality family films.


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