Hollywood, CA, November 29, 2016:  Nandar Pictures has given the go-ahead for “A BLIND EYE” pre-production to begin. The web series, touted as “A Visual Thriller. An Unseen Killer,” is set to film three episodes beginning March 13, 2017 in Los Angeles. Episodes will be directed by Nancy Criss PGA, (Take Two For Faith), Harvey Lowry PGA, (Union Bound) and Josh Hodgins (Jackson Horn). The story is created by mother-daughter team Nancy and Nicole Criss (The Sparrows). Nandar Pictures will release the series as an AMAZON PRIME exclusive and later to NandarTV.com.

“A BLIND EYE” follows a young woman, Jasmine, who toys with Chicago Police Department investigations, playing puppeteer with detective Matt Coleman, who’s hot for a promotion. She offers her psychic services to steer him and his partner down twisted paths, colliding with mobsters and her incarcerated father. “The opening scene in the first episode makes me cringe. How a seventeen year old writer can think these things up, is crazy,” states producer Sherri Ettore. The series is written by teen actress Mandalynn Carlson (A Horse For Summer).

Producers include Nancy Criss, Sherri Ettore and Emmy-winning producer Vincent DePaul (The Bay), who won his Daytime Emmy for producing the popular web series THE BAY, recently picked up as an Amazon Prime series. Casting will focus on known daytime soap stars.

“Our team is in talks with a few former Daytime Soap Stars to work with us and help us launch “A Blind Eye” in the summer 2017,” states producer Sherri Ettore. “We are really excited about this project and how it is all coming together.”


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